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I remember the day I discovered my passion for plants - it was a botany class in high school. I was engrossed in learning about every plant and tree in our neighborhood. Unfortunately I hadn't seen it as much more than a fun class.


Then I took botany in college, and I was just as fascinated. Somehow I sidestepped that passion, not even considering it as a business or even a hobby.

When I got married, I bought a tomato plant and lovingly pruned it on the tiny porch of the 4-plex we were renting.

Another time I decided to grow a bunch of tomato plants and share them with my coworkers. I don't know why - I just wanted to. 


We bought our first house in Eagle Mountain, and I planted my 1st garden of 4 growboxes. That sparked joy in my heart, and I have continued to learn as much as I can about growing plants since then.


My family and I bought our current home in Orem 6 years ago, It had lots of projects that needed to be done, but one of the first things I did was plant a garden. It has been a joy to learn from, and experiment with, and even get some free therapy! :)

I continued (and continue still) to learn from various gardening experts, neighbors, friends, and even took the USU extention's master gardener's course.

The last couple of years, with the cost of food rising, I felt somewhat powerless, and decided I wanted to learn how to grow more of our own I did. And I'm still learning...but I know that I'm on my way. Having even a crude tool in my toolbelt like that really helped me to be at peace with all the uncertainty of the current day.


I wanted to help others feel the peace I felt as well, so I decided to try to sell some plants on a facebook page and at the Provo Farmer's Market in the summer of 2022, and share the little I knew. I shared a lot and learned a lot too. It's a great farmer's market.


I also helped a handful of families start their gardens. I couldn't believe what transpired. My first steps of self-reliance multiplied into local interdependence when I shared what little I knew with others, and I found myself unable to receive all the blessings God had to give me. (ask me sometime if you're curious).

I thoroughly enjoy sharing my passion, what I've learned, and connecting with other gardeners through this experience, and only feel like I'm supposed to keep moving forward, so here we are!

My boys got bitten by the gardening bug, and enjoyed planting, caring for, and selling plants with me at the Provo Farmer's Market. Now we're at it again, and we even have a really legit website!

I tell you all this because I want you to know that I care about you learning how to grow your own food, I care about teaching my kids how to work hard, and I care about how my little plants prepare to make it into their new backyards. There's a lot of love that goes into the plants we sell, and I've been told they do extremely well - so we must be doing something right. :)

I guess I just shared with you our story. I hope it wasn't too cheesy! The following is a little bit about our standards in our backyard garden nursery:


We go beyond organic gardening by growing plants as close to nature as possible. We grow all of our plants from both organic and non-organic seeds, We'd love to offer only organic, but unfortunately, seeds are harder to come by,  (some selling out as early as January - no joke) and organic seeds are more we thought we'd just let you decide what you want to do - we've got something for everyone - organic, heirloom, hybrid favorites, and non-organic seeds as a more economical options.


We will always only grow NON-GMO seeds, use all organic soils.


We fertilize with Trifecta Plus - a premium, natural-based fertilizer meant to be used with organic gardens, It has not been certified as organic, however, I would trust this product more than any organic fertilizer out there. The company that makes it (MI Gardener) is more interested in passing on savings and making gardening less costly to everyone, then receiving a gold star from the USDA.


I proudly support MI Gardener. They are constantly posting amazing gardening videos on Youtube, they've been offered thousands of dollars to buy the rights to a rare tomato variety that was resurrected from an 85 year-old packet of seeds which they turned down so they could share it with the world, and are just really good people with the highest quality standard for food we put into our bodies. I highly recommend checking them out.  They've got a great gardening video on Youtube for practically any gardening topic, and they also sell their own seeds at (and I don't get a dime for recommending them or their fertilizer).


As soon as temperatures allow, we take our plants outside to get used to full sun. These practices make for healthier, hardier plants. As long as you give our plants a good soak,  and temperatures don't drop down too low, they should transition into your garden without a hiccup. 

If you're not completely satisfied, we are happy to make an exchange or issue a full refund. 

If you have any questions or would like some help, please feel free to reach out via text, call, or email. My contact info is at the bottom of every page of this website. 

Thanks for stopping by, and happy gardening! :)


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