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We purchased the seeds for these plants directly from the farm where they were bred years ago. There are two type of Big Jim Peppers. The Big Jim pepper (med - hot), and the Big Jim Legacy pepper (mild - med). This is the milder variety, Big Jim Legacy. There may still be some kick, but it is less than if you got the Original Big Jim pepper plant. Feel free to visit their website, as they don't rank high on google, and they are extremely generous with the seeds you can buy for their price:


"This Big Jim Legacy is an all-around winner when it comes to green chile. It has incredible New Mexican chile flavor, thick flesh, and mild to medium heat. A favorite for chile rellenos. 

Great flavor and thick meat on these beautiful 8-10“ pods. Produces an abundant crop on 30” tall plants. When full size and green in color, this New Mexico chile is perfect for big stuffed rellenos. It has incredible flavor and smells so good when it is being roasted. The pods peel easily and have thick flesh with the perfect amount of heat and flavor. These green chiles have large harvests. We usually like to pinch off the first couple of blooms on seedlings to encourage more blooms and chiles later.  The dry red Legacy Big Jim chile can be used to make delicious red enchilada sauce.


Heat Level: Medium  Scoville 2,000 - 4,000

Harvest peppers when they are green." -

Big Jim Legacy (Mild- Med) Pepper Plant

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