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I thought we'd try this early yielding heirloom tomato this year to compare to the Early Girl hybrid.


"Days: 50

Size: Indeterminate

Color: Red

Season: Very Early Season


A respected commercial heirloom from before 1930 that was introduced by H.W. Buckbee. Their 1930 catalog states, "The largest fruited, the smoothest, the finest in quality of all early scarlet tomatoes." Donated to USDA in 1962 then Craig LeHoullier obtained seeds from the National Seed Storage Lab around 1995.In February 2023 I received a request for these seeds from Kate Hernandez who wrote, "Buckbee Seed Company was started by my great, great grandfather. I am looking forward to growing these heirloom tomatoes (originally) from his company. My father, who is ninety-five, whose middle name is Buckbee, said he was thrilled that I am going to start growing and saving these heirlooms for future generations of our family."This plant yields heavy crops of great tasting 6 oz., red, round fruit. A great cooler, short season variety.""  -TomatoFest

Buckbee's New 50 Day Tomato (From Organic Seed)

SKU: 8127056503171
Pick-up and delivery available May 4.
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