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"Growing these dark-colored bell peppers is such a dream! Midnight Dream Peppers will glisten and look gorgeous in your garden, with the pepper plant being the talk of the show!


The Midnight Dream peppers are rumored to be one of, if not the most, darkest-colored peppers out there.Home gardeners will enjoy growing the 2 ft. tall Midnight Dream pepper plant as it is prolific, easy to grow, and produces good yields of delicious ebony-black peppers. The 4-lobed peppers with crispy thick flesh will ripen from green, brown, to finally ebony-black.


Not only is their appearance gorgeous, but it is also aesthetically beautiful to plate dishes as their purple-red colored flesh will look alluring against other types of food! These are great for salads, stuffing, cooking, and gourmet dishes.." - Pepper Joe's

Midnight Dreams (Sweet Bell) Pepper Plant

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