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Plant Height: 6-24"


"Organic Jewel Mix Nasturtium in the Flower Garden

Jewel Mix Nasturtium is great for attracting pollinators to your garden. The blooms provide attractive red, yellow, and orange blooms throughout the growing season. With a dwarf, spreading trail habit this is the perfect variety for a spilling look in containers or hanging baskets. It may also be used for a filler, ground cover, or low-growing mass planting to keep the soil covered and prevent weeds from becoming established.

Companion Planting With Organic Jewel Mix Nasturtium

Nasturtiums are a popular companion plant in the home vegetable garden. They attract pollinators and repel cucumber beetles, squash beetles, Colorado potato beetles, mexican bean beetles, and whiteflies. We recommend pairing them with your brassicas, cucumbers, melons, radishes, squash, or tomato crops.

About Organic Jewel Mix Nasturtium Garden Seeds

Jewel Mix Nasturtiums are edible. Their leaves, pods, seeds, buds, and especially the flowers may be eaten. These seeds also produce beautiful microgreens with a peppery flavor.

These flowers are drought tolerant once established, but prefer cooler temperatures. They are not heat tolerant and may benefit from partial shade during the hot summer months.

The blooms display 2.5 inch red, orange, or yellow flowers.

Nasturtium are deer resistant as they generally aren’t attracted to the peppery flavor." -

Jewel Mix Nasturtium Plant

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