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These would make a gorgeous dual purpose pepper plant - both ornamental and highly prolific for eating! This Multi-colored pepper plant will turn some head and fill your plate.


"Santa Fe Grande Hot Pepper Seeds grow into compact, upright pepper plants that produce plentiful fruit. Growing to a height of just 24", Santa Fe Grande hot pepper plants can be easily grown in pots or containers, raised beds, or garden rows. A single Santa Fe Grande pepper plant will usually produce 20 to 50 peppers that change color from yellow to orange to red as they ripen. The fruit has a conical shape that tapers down to a blunt tip. Santa Fe Grande hot peppers typically have a Scoville rating of 500 to 700, which gives them mild heat. Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus. 80 days to maturity." - True Leaf Market

Santa Fe Grande (Mild) Pepper Plant

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