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  • Where are you located?
    Orem, UT.
  • Where do you grow your plants?
    We start our plants inside under grow-lights and on heat mats inside our home, then move them to our greenhouse. Finally, they find their way in full-sun onto our deck, weather permitting, so they get used to full sun, temperature and weather fluctuations and strong winds, like they would in your garden. Our final step allows you to go home with healthier, hardier plants.
  • Are your plants Non-GMO and grown from seed?
    Yes, we have a strict non-GMO policy and all of the plants we sell are grown by us from seed.
  • Are you really a "family business"?
    Yes, I (Trisha) am the creator of our family business, my children help me plant, transplant, and water the plants, and my sons beg me to help sell at the Provo Farmer's Market. My husband is a huge support, and we couldn't have started this business without his financial and emotional support. He also helps me get set up and watches kids while I sell at the farmer's market. It is a true family business, and my children do receive compensation for their hard work, and they are not forced to help.
  • Do you grow organic products?
    The USDA is very strict on the ability to use the term "organic". Growers who want to claim they are organic must go through a lengthy, costly process. We grow with all organic certified soils, fertilize our plants with organic or made for organic gardening, and offer plants that are grown from organic and non-organic seeds. Organic seeds are more costly, and seeds are getting harder to come by (some selling out as early as January!) For that reason we offer plants grown from organic AND non-organic seeds. Furthermore, and shockingly enough, organic certification still allows you to use some products that are extremely hazardous to your health and to the environment, including products that could contaminate our water supply. For that reason, we use fertilizers that are either organic, or "for organic gardening". For example, we use an organic seed-starting mix, with organic worm castings and organic perlite, but we use a fertilizer from a source we would trust much more than any organic company - they have higher standards, and want to make gardening more affordable to everyone. We applaud their efforts, and therefore support them by using their fertilizer. The company is MI Gardener, and the product we use is Trifecta + fertilizer.
  • I can't find the answer to my question. How can I get an answer?
    Feel free to contact Trisha Miner at 385-250-9789 if you haven't found an answer to your question. We also highly recommend checking out the MI Gardener channel on youtube, for detailed instructions on almost any topic. The owner grows a largescale gardening and seed business. We do not receive compensation for referring you to his site or any of his products.
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