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Days to harvest from transplant: 60-65 days

Fruit Size: About 1- 1.5 inches

Plant Height: 5-7 feet

Plant Spacing: 2 feet

Care Needs: regular watering, fertilizing

Frost Hardy: No, but more resilient to frost and heat than other cucumbers

Trellising/Staking: Definitely needs a trellis

Seed Company: Mountain Valley Seed Company


"Mexican native produces tiny cucumbers that look like miniature watermelons. Fruits are just a little bigger than your thumb, tast like cucumbers dipped in lime. Good for pickling, salads, stir-fry, and as cocktail garnish." - Mountain Valley Seed Company

Cucamelon Plant - (Mexican Sour Gherkin)

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Pick-up and delivery available May 4.
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