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75 Days to maturity. Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon Seeds, annual, open-pollinated, heirloom, heat tolerant, seeded, Icebox watermelon. Suitable for growing in garden plots and large containers (minimum 7 gal soil). Bush Sugar Baby is an early watermelon for those limited on space, but not taste. This perfect little melon has only 3-4' vines and bears two 12 lb melons per plant. Light striping, great blue-black skin with contrasting sweet red, firm flesh." - True Leaf Market


***Seedless Watermelons need to be planted with an heirloom to bear fruit. This is a great variety to utilize because it is relatively compact.

Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon Plant (From Organic Seed)

SKU: 8590950763171
Pick-up and delivery available May 13.
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