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Days to Harvest from Transplant: 60 days

Fruit Size: 1 1/2" - 4"

Plant Height:  up to 72"

Plant Spacing: 12"

Care Needs: Plant 1-2 weeks after average last frost date, temperatures at least 60 degrees.

Frost Hardy: No

Trellising/Staking: Yes - Trellis

Seed Company: Botanical Interests


"Gherkins are tiny cucumbers used for pickles, and these are the best; seedless, bitter-free, and uniform in shape. Use as small as 1 1/2' up to 4" for making excellent sweet pickles, French cornichons ("little horns"), or for fresh use. Plants are vining at up to 72"; grow against a trellis or fence for support." - Botanical Interests


Hokus Gherkin Cucumber Plant (From Organic seed)

SKU: 2665077563171
Pick-up and delivery available May 4.
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