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Blooming Time: Summer

Plant Height: Up to 16 inches tall

Flower Size: About 2 inches diameter

Plant Spacing: 12" apart

Seed Company: Eden Brothers


"Sparky Mixture French marigold seeds offer one of the most vibrant and inexpensive blooms available to the home gardener. Sparky Mixture is a familiar alternative to the traditional marigold, quickly maturing to 12 to 14 inches tall boasting unique semi-doubled heads. Marigold seeds are a favorite for kids or novice gardeners because they are a low-maintenance grow tolerant to a variety of difficult gardens. Sparky Mixture marigolds are ideal to grow along walkways, fences, or trimming the back of the garden."


Sparky French Marigold Plant (From Organic Seed)

SKU: 4385031245171
Pick-up and delivery estimated beginning of May.
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