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Features: Popular Long English Cucumber

Days to Harvest: 65-70 days

Fruit Size: 12-18" long

Plant Height: 1-4 foot vines

Plant Spacing: 12" - 24" apart

Care Needs: Pick cucumbers often and early to get maximum harvest. Water Moderately

Frost Hardy: No

Trellising/Staking: Should be trellised

Seed Company: Annie's Heirloom Seeds



"A refined take on an old English variety, this vigorous heirloom promises plenty of slender 10-13” cukes. Thin-skinned and crisp, the Telegraph Improved is a favorite for greenhouse and garden growing alike. Easily trellised." - Annie's Heirloom Seeds

Telegraph Improved Cucumber Plant (From Organic seed)

SKU: 8633077563171
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